Calm Hamilton left bemused by Rosberg crash

24 August 2014 03:01

A calm Lewis Hamilton was as bemused as he was disappointed on Sunday after being forced to retire from the Belgian Grand Prix after Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg crashed into him.

The 29-year-old Briton, who took the lead from pole-man Rosberg at the start, suffered a puncture to his left rear tyre when the German drove into him as he attempted an ill-judged pass on the second lap.

"I just don't understand the way he was driving" said Hamilton. "It was really gutting for us all.

"But, firstly, I want to say, when I was doing the drivers' parade, the support was amazing -- so I am gutted I wasn't able to give them (the fans) something to cheer about."

Hamilton was finally forced to retire with four of the 44 laps remaining.

"What can I say? Initially it was really gutting," he added. "I was driving so hard to try to get what I could get out of the car. It might not have looked that way, but it was so damaged and I am just gutted for my team.

"The guys work so hard, I got a good start, it was looking good, I took the corner as I should because it was my line and I don't know why he hit me but i am sure he will leave here happy tonight.

"I wouldn't say it was worse than Monaco because it couldn't get much worse than that."

Relations between the two former friends plunged to a new low in the aftermath of the race when Rosberg was booed by the crowd as he stood on the podium.

The crash came just three days after the team held 'clear the air' talks on Thursday to reconcile the challenges of fighting to secure both the constructors' and drivers' championships this season - and knowing that Rosberg and Hamilton are locked in a private duel for the crown.

Hamilton added: "It's not good. That's 30 points again now and, it took me a long time to catch that before, but I know things can change.

"But if you notice Rosberg's car rarely stops so it's looking good for him this season now. There's a lot of things going on in my mind, maybe it is just not my year, but I can't let that overtake anything.

"We have a great car and a great team and I will keep on fighting. Who knows if some fortune will come my way, but I will give it a go."

Source: AFP