Kvyat surprises himself with speed

22 November 2013 06:16

Teenage rookie Daniil Kvyat conceded he had surprised himself with his impressive Formula One run in Friday morning's opening free practice session for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The 19-year-old Russian, who had made his F1 debut run in practice in last weekend's United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, showed great command of his Toro Rosso car in the wet at Interlagos.

"Yes, I am little bit (surprised)," he told reporters. "But you never know how fast you can go in a Formula One car because it is so totally different to anything else.

"In Austin, it was a completely new track for me and surprisingly it didn't take me too long to learn the track, so I could end up three tenths off Daniel (Ricciardo).

"Here I think they were good laps. I did only one run, a good few laps and it was good for my experience. And P8 is a good reward for a nice lap."

Kvyat is in line to race for the team next season and proved with his confident running in the rain that he has the necessary skills to impress with Toro Rosso next season.

Kvyat said that the biggest benefit from his two outings in Texas and Sao Paulo is that they have given him assurance about the job he can do, preventing a nervous winter wondering what an F1 car will be like to drive.

"First of all it has brought me some confidence with the car," he said. "I don't have to think any more about driving.

"It is not any more a problem to go full power and you can get a good feel for traction. So the power is not a problem anymore. The down-force I am getting used to it and brakes are alright.

"All the steering wheel buttons, this has also been a good process. And next year will be a bit different. I have to set my mind on that work. And another thing is that I got to know the team quite well, so for next year that will be a help."

Source: AFP