Pirelli want higher performance tyres in 2017

03 February 2016 10:27
Pirelli is aiming to lower lap times by two to three seconds per lap with its plans for wider, higher performance tyres in 2017.

Formula One is targeting lap times five seconds faster than they are today by 2017 in response to accusations the current formula is too slow. Although the future regulations have not yet been agreed, Pirelli is confirmed as F1's tyre supplier from 2017 to 2019 and is keen to get on board with F1's vision for more spectacular cars.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery believes the tyres can offer two to three seconds of performance per lap on their own, with the car and engine regulations making up the rest.

"It's certainly looking like wider tyres; the actual precise dimension has actually changed a bit," he said. "We're talking now a 300mm width front and a 400mm width rear, and that's staying with 13inch rims.

"There's simulation work, we need to provide some data and what that will provide, a grip model for the teams, so they can work out how much of performance they can get from the tyres.

"It's probably two, maybe three seconds from the tyre. Based on that they will modify the aero regs, and maybe the engine regs as well, to obtain the five seconds we're trying to achieve."

Hembery said Pirelli has the know-how to gain a quick improvement in performance if it is what the sport wants.

"In reality, even with the current tyre you could find a performance change if you were looking for performance. There is technologies you can apply that focus more on performance. Going to a wider tyre as well means a bigger footprint so of course that means you're going to get more performance."

However, F1 is keen to stick to with multiple pits stops after a series of dull one-stop races this year.

"The teams and the commercial rights holder want us certainly to two and three pit stops again, we've been far too close to one, this season in particular. Can we have two or three stops and can we get some of the performance so we can start breaking lap records again."

Source: DSG