Raikkonen fit for Germany after Silverstone crash

17 July 2014 03:01

Kimi Raikkonen said on Thursday that he is fit for this weekend's German Grand Prix and is no longer in any pain following his high-speed crash at the British Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver suffered a massive 47 G impact with a barrier in his opening lap collision on Wellington Straight at Silverstone.

He told reporters: "I had some pains and it is all fine. It was actually my ribs. It has gone away now."

Raikkonen is 12th in the championship, eight places and 68 points behind Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso.

He added: "It has been a difficult year, hopefully it will turn around at some point. It must - it cannot go much longer like this. It is not fun.

"This kind of thing has happened to me before and we always manage to turn it around, so I have a strong belief that it will turn around.

"We have to fix the issues and get them as I want and we can be back where we should be."

Source: AFP