Sebastian Vettel - Legend??.. ERRRRR NO!

By 23 December 2013 08:27

Wins: 39 Pole Positions: 45 WDC: 4

These are the statistics you will find if you look up Sebastian Vettel. BUT, do these alone hold enough water for him to be classed as a legend, as one of the greats! Not really. You see, the greatest drivers contributed to the sport like no other. Not only in statistics, but in their style, flamboyance and their off track exploits.

Now im a MASSIVE F1 fan and don't dispute that Vettel is a good driver, but if he were to go to another team, how would he do??? Fernando Alonso hinted on the BBC not too long ago that he believes if Vettel is to be seen as a great, he would need to be on a playing field with a bit more competition from the rival manufacturers. IF he doesn't win this year, then people will come to believe its more car than driver and to be honest, anyone who doesn't think that already is a bit of a fool.

Maybe im just ranting and my opinion counts for nothing. But when i look back at the greats, Senna, Prost, Hunt, Lauda, Fangio, Mansell, Stewart, Clark hell, even Schumacher, they all brought something to F1 other than statistics. Vettel currently is nothing more than a puppet for Red Bull. One day he will be ditched because he is too old, or didn't win the championship and realise he was nothing but a number in a corporation. I want to see him really race with the other drivers, to win the championship with close competition. Then and only then, will he be seen as a great. A driver who RACED to win. Not had the engineers and designers win the championship for him.

With the new rule changes (of which he has already whined about), Red Bull staff clearing off to other teams and the spending cap coming in, maybe, just maybe that competition is just round the corner and its got him worried.

Only time will tell!


Source: DSG