MotoGP Madness: Will Marquez Win Every Race?

By 04 August 2014 04:55

Marvellous Marc Marquez is currently running at the top of the rider’s table in MotoGP, with nine wins out of nine races, winning all in remarkable fashion and in differing ways. He has managed to score maximum points by the half way mark in this year’s competition and it looks like there is not a rider who can keep up with him in terms of either pace or points scoring.

So who, this year, will challenge him or take a race from him and where will that be? Will he win every race this year? These are just some of the questions that fans are asking themselves as they wonder at this young man’s spectacular expertise on a motorcycle. He just seems to be unbeatable, in the same guise as The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, a few years ago. Whenever he gets on a bike and points it down the track, he is always first past the post.

It matters not one jot whether the other riders opt for a different setting, or a different tyre. Even at the last race in Germany, when he realised he needed to have slick tyres on, and then went into the pit lane to change bikes on to one with slicks, to then start in the pit lane significantly after the race had begun, he still caught the leader with over 20 laps to go and then blew them all away with his speed and desire to win.

For the fans, this is magnificent, their chance to see the very best at the height of his career, but it is also true to say that before too long, this will begin to get slightly boring for the fan who likes the sport rather than one particular rider. But what is the way forward for this sport if one person is going to dominate in this manner? Would any changes even work when someone is so far in advance of anyone else?

Marquez is indeed a talent on a bike. He is young and gifted. His abilities speak for themselves. But in this very expensive world of two wheeled mayhem, one has to ask where MotoGP will go in the future to ensure fairer and closer racing. This year will show how much of a master Marquez really is and I therefore predict that he will win every race in this season, claiming maximum points in the championship, something not seen in my lifetime.

And as much as I suggest this will happen, I am equally saddened to do so, as a fan of the likes of Crutchlow and Pedrosa, so come on guys, catch this man up and prove me wrong!

Source: DSG