Will There Ever Be Another British MotoGP Champion?

By 27 May 2014 08:23

Whenever I watch the MotoGP, I am transported back to the days of my youth and to the days of watching Freddie Spencer, Kenny Roberts and the late, great, Barry Sheene. I had the privilege to see them both the year they raced in the British GP, when there was but a wheel length between the two.

But as a British fan of the sport, I despair when I see someone as good as Cal Crutchlow being forced to ride a Ducati that is so far behind the pace that it makes it impossible for him to be at the pointy end of any race, apart from if it is teeming it down with rain.

As we head towards the next British GP, what do we see in the ways of British success at the top level, the elite class? Crutchlow is down on pace. Redding and Smith are on satellite bikes and the factory teams will not sign a British rider.

Never, since the days of Barry Sheene, have we seen someone with the panache or the bravery in Britain who can compete at the highest levels. There have been adventures by Toseland but even he never made it at the top in MotoGP.

So I wonder just when we will see that next British MotoGP champion in the elite class and who that person will be.

Source: DSG