Formula One 2018: Chinese Grand Prix – live!

15 April 2018 05:56
Updates from the race at Shanghai International CircuitFeel free to get in touch on email or via Twitter @Adam_Woolcock. 6.55am BST He also told him that he had a “personal thing” to do before getting in the car. Which I can only assume is paying his electricity bill.Romain Grosjean tells Martin the wind has changed around since yesterday. Let's see how that impacts on the balance of the cars today. Sky Go: ? Blog: #SkyF1 #F1 #ChineseGP 6.52am BST If your loyalties are towards entertainment rather than either of the teams, like me you’ll be looking at Max Verstappen coming off the row behind Lewis Hamilton towards the first corner.Last week Lewis used that classic Commonwealth term “dickhead” to describe the Red Bull man. They’ve since patched things up semi-convincingly, but if there’s any hint of contact between the two today the post-race scenes could become chaotic. Not Connor McGregor throwing a barricade at a bus chaotic, but the sort of passive aggressive feud that F1 excels at. 6.41am BST Pit lane is open, and we’re within 30 minutes of lights out.Lewis Hamilton is the king of the Chinese Grand Prix, with five career wins. The heat is on today, needing to get past his teammate and two Ferraris to add a sixth. Fernando Alonso (x2) and Kimi Raikkonen are the only other previous winners in the field today. Any chance of a replay of the Spinal Tap-esque incident pre-race where a kid asked Lewis for an autograph via a black marker on a black hat? After generously pondering where he was supposed to write and turning it over a few times to try and find an appropriate spot he just wrote on it and hoped for the best. Your copy of the footage will help that child prove to his mates at school tomorrow that he really did meet the world champion. 6.34am BST After five passing moves in Melbourne and 42 in Bahrain could this be the rubber match to decide which way the season is going to go?More passing means increased chance of a collision, and Renault has helpfully done the stats and discovered what we’re a nearly 50/50 chance of seeing a safety car today.#DidYouKnow Safety car probability for this race is at 43%. #RSspirit #ChineseGP #RACEday 6.16am BST Good afternoon, morning, or night wherever you are. Welcome to our coverage of the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix. The key storyline today is whether Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari can continue their red hot start to the season. No driver has ever won the first three races of the season and failed to go on and win the title. To be fair there are a lot more races than there used to be, but nevertheless the German starts from pole today with history on his side. 11.13am BST Adam will be here shortly. In the meantime, here’s our man in Shanghai, Giles Richards, on how qualifying panned out: Related: Lewis Hamilton faces uphill battle as Sebastian Vettel takes China pole Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian