Roberta Cowell’s life shows speed demons can be any shape | Barney Ronay

09 February 2018 03:40
Cowell competed in grands prix and, after becoming the first British person to have gender reassignment surgery, remained in motor racingHere they come, hooves clopping, heavy artillery clanking on the cobbles, tall buckled hats flickering across the skyline like a row of early industrial chimneys. Yes, it’s the PC Brigade. And they’re here to ruin everything.This time it’s Formula One’s grid girls the PC Brigade have ruined, women employed to usher decoratively at grands prix but who have this week been decommissioned for the coming season by the sport’s executive. Pretty much everyone has already had an opinion about this and as usual these have tended to be fairly absolute. Related: PR stunts of F1 and gambling industry are hardly sharp end of feminism | Marina Hyde Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian