Bibendum is going to officially ride all over MotoGP

By 27 May 2014 03:52

Brought to the public at the Lyon Exhibition of 1894, Bibendum also known as the Michelin Man is one of the oldest trade marks in the world.

This year is a very important one for Michelin and its presence in motorsports. Dorma and FMI announced that the French manufacturer will be the official tyre supplier starting the 2016 season.

Pascal Couasnon, the Director of Michelin Motorsport speaks on Michelin’s official site about the presence of the Tyre manufacturer in motorsports : “"Michelin's strong commitment to motor sport necessitates the development of innovative technologies and competitive tires. Tire life, safety, energy efficiency and the notion of driving pleasure are all factors that are taken on board in the work of the Competition division.

Racing plays a vital role when it comes to developing our road tires, too. The products we test, and which prove satisfactory on the track, go on to become available to the motoring public. It is quite possible, for example, to find a motorcycle racer and a bike fan who run on tires with identical characteristics."

In the mean time , the competitors , Dunlop said that they were not interested in submitting attender for MOTOGP 2016-2018 tyre supply contract and announced that they will focus only on Moto2 and Moto3.

Until the 2016 season we are 3 days apart from the Mugello grand prix racing and Rossi will start the engine for the 300th time in an official race. This one will be the 29th held on the Italian circuit.

Source: DSG