Rockingham Oval Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length: 1.47 mi (2.38 km)
  • Turns: 4
  • Lap Record: 0:24.719 (Tony Kanaan, Lola-Ford, 2001, CCWS)

International Super Sports Car Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length: 1.94 mi (3.12 km)
  • Turns: 12

National Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length: 1.70 mi (2.74 km)
  • Turns: 9

Lake Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length:.67 mi (1.08 km)
  • Turns: 5

Handling Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length: 0.97 mi (1.56 km)
  • Turns:4

Rally Stage

  • Surface: Gravel
  • Circuit Length: 0.62 - 1.23 mi (1.00 - 1.98 km)
  • Turns:15 (approx)

Rockingham is one of the most modern and high-tech circuits in the UK and its Oval speedway track is the fastest in Europe. Located in Northamptonshire near Corby, the main Circuit has 2 layouts, a National and International Circuit which are used for many different Motorsport Events. Rockingham has a fantastic Grand stand and spectator facilities making it one of the best tracks in the Country for Corporate entertainment, Driving Experiences and Track Days.

Rockingham Race Circuit videos

Former Top Gear stig Ben Collins laps the 562bhp Ferrari 458 Italia at Rockingham as part of CAR Magazine's mega supercar group test of the new McLaren MP4-12C and all its rivals.