Marvellous Marquez - Is He Good For The Sport?

By 24 May 2014 07:57

Everyone is saying wonderful things about the MotoGP world champion, Marc Marquez, but as he wins, what seems to be happening is the emergence of yet another rider, like The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, who seems to win all of the time.

For his factory Honda team, this is great news, but are the fans that happy to see yet another Rossi? If a rider wins all of the time, then what follows is a dominance leading to a lack of competition in the sport.

Perhaps, the best option is for those who rule the sport to take the approach of some of the lower end in the sport, who choose to make their riders ride all the same bike settings?

For the fans of the sport, Marquez is a revelation, a truly brilliant rider at the peak of his prowess and a wonder to watch, but the fun is on the wane yet again. These same fans need to ask therefore, if Marquez’ success is good for the sport!

Source: DSG