Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length: 4.207 km (2.489 mi)
  • Turns:9
  • Lap Record:1:09.593 (Nigel Mansell, Williams-Honda FW11, 1986, F1)

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Circuit Length:1.929 km (1.198 mi)
  • Turns:6
  • Lap Record:0:38.032 (Scott Mansell, Mansell Motorsport, 2004 EuroBOSS)

Brands Hatch is located in Kent and is one of the best know British Racing Circuits. It's 2 Circuit layouts; the Indy Circuit and Grand Prix are host to numerous motorsporting events including the British Superbikes and A1 GP. The circuit's origins come from its natural position and shape as a natural bowl belonging to Brands Farm. The circuit naturally evolved from the 1940's and became a motor racing circuit in April 1950. The Grand Prix circuit has 9 turns and runs for 2.613 challenging miles.

The full Grand Prix circuit begins on the Brabham Straight, an off-camber, slightly curved stretch, before plunging into the right-hander at Paddock Hill Bend. Despite the difficulty of the curve, due to the straight that precedes it, it is one of the track's few overtaking spots. The next corner, Druids, is a hairpin bend, negotiated after an uphill braking zone atHailwood Hill. The track then curves around the south bank spectator area into the downhill, off-camber Graham Hill Bend, and another, slightly bent stretch at the Cooper Straight, which runs parallel to the pit lane. After the straight, the circuit climbs uphill though the decreasing-radius Surtees turn, before moving onto the back straight where the track's top speeds can be reached. The most significant elevation changes on the circuit occur here at Pilgrim's Drop and Hawthorn Hill, which leads into Hawthorn Bend. The track then loops around the woodland with a series of mid-speed corners, most notably the dip at Westfield and the blind Sheene curve. The track then emerges from the woods at Clearways and rejoins the 'Indy' circuit for Clark Curve with its uphill off-camber approach to the pit straight and the start/finish line.

Brands Hatch Circuit Videos

FIA WTCC seat team Holland driver Tom Coronel: onboard camera recording his first lap during the free practice on the circuit of Brands Hatch.